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Enroll in the MOOC on Everyday Creativity for free, and discover how to be more creative and how to help your colleagues to be more creative too!



 CREATIVITY is one of theTOP 10 skills required in the workplace by 2020, this is the moment to integrate Skills for the 21st Century in Education. Learn how!



Take parenting to another level by integrating one of the most important skills: CREATIVITY. Learn how to foster the ability to think creatively in your children!

In partnership with Barney Saltzberg, Cyndi has been developing new creative thinking activities to develop the Creative Thinking Skills. Check out our new YouTube channel that we are launching in January!

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Massive Open Online Course (MOOC): Ignite Your Everyday Creativity

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"Extremely good course. Really took my awareness about creativity to the next level. The course is great!"

May 22 2017

April  17 2016

"I really loved it! In particular the assignments. I am a creative person, and decided to take this course in order to understand the process and how to help others to be creative in their lives."

January 8 2016

"None of the Coursera - courses I have done before (and there were many...) had such an impact on my mindset and on my life! The course is not only an entertaining eye-opener but also very challenging to accomplish! Great and highly recommendable!"

What is creativity? How does it work? How can you be more creative every day?

Creativity is a critical skill for the 21st Century. We constantly need new and better ideas for almost every aspect of our professional and personal lives. But how can we generate these ideas, and how can we help our colleagues to be more creative, too?

The answer is simple: enroll in the MOOC on Everyday Creativity, and find out for yourself!

This MOOC, or Massive Open Online Course, is designed to give you practical, research-based answers to these questions. Run by Cyndi and her colleague, John Cabra, Ignite Your Everyday Creativity encompasses and encourages what it means to be creative on a personal level. During the six modules of the course, you will explore four key aspects of creativity

  • the creative process – ways to generate breakthrough ideas,

  • the creative person – how to make the most of individual particular skills and talents,

  • the creative environment – the physical and psychological factors that enhance creativity, and

  • the creative product – implementing ideas.

With an on-demand structure, you can learn about your own innate creativity and complete assignments at your own pace. We will take you on a journey of creativity using interactive lecture videos, inspirational testimonials, discussion boards, and more.



Creativity is an essential skill for the 21st Century, we as educators have the responsibility of evolve and transform our education strategies so we are forming humans and setting them for success in this era of constant change. Learn more about our mission, vision, team and our services. 


Creative Thinking is not just a nice-to-have skill. It's not even just an important skill. We believe that the ability to think creatively is the essential skill for the 21st Century.



Creative thinking is required every day for every person.


A creative life can lead to a more joyful life.


We are in a creativity crisis.

The future isn't like it used to be.


Creative thinking will help prepare our children for future career success.



YOU can foster CREATIVE THINKING while raising your kids... Learn how.